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  1. Hi, everyone. Welcome to the first post on this blog, titled – what else? – “Zunardo Sez”. Gorillas have deep thoughts about the subject of the voiceover industry as well as other subjects that interest them, and hopefully you will find them of interest as well. – Z

    1. Wow, there’s so much more setting up a home voiceover business than just recording and e-mailing files out. I had no ideas about all of the marketing, website tweaking, and social media creation that would be involved when I first started. The last five days have been busy, but fruitful. First I set up a YouTube channel for JoeKat Voice-over, then just started playing with Windows Movie maker until I learned how to make my MP3 audio files (demos and radio commercials) into videos. That enabled me to put all of the commercials I’ve been cast for onto one Youtube link, which I can link from this site.

      Next I signed up for the VoiceZam player and got all my individual demo cuts (reads) loaded, the player appears on the home page, but I’m having trouble getting the player to actually play. Hopefully their support team will call me back tomorrow and that it will be a quick fix. I did manage to work in 3 solid auditions on Voice123, but I’ll be happy when the VoiceZam player is fully functional, and I can devote more time to auditioning on-line, and start contacting prospective clients. Time flies! -Z-

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