The road to success?

This has been an exciting past two weeks.  First, I got my first paid booking as a voice artist working for myself!  I already have an established portfolio of work from voicing several TV and radio commercials working, but that was as an intern

Last week I started getting more active on submitting auditions to Voice123 and was up to 20 auditions total (yes, I’ve been moving slowly). The next day I received a notification that I had been selected for a job from that 20th audition, consisting of a 2.5 minute read for $100.  I was a little nervous, but I worked for 2 hours to make sure it was as clean as I could make it (yes, I need to edit faster and make fewer mistakes), sent it to the seller, and got verification in a few minutes that my PayPal account had been increased by that amount.  I remember being mildly disappointed it wasn’t a $500 job, but then I came to my senses and realized that if I could land such a gig every 20 tries, then I was doing pretty good in my first year.

Second, I play drums in a casual blues band called “Drivin’ Home”, based in Delaware OH.  This past weekend we played as the warm-up band at Project Blues, a benefit concert to raise money for breast cancer research and fund mammograms for women in financial need.  Booker T. Jones (of Booker T. & the MG’s) was the headliner, along with guitarists Anson Funderburgh and John Del Torro Richardson, singer Diunna Greenleaf, and the Texas Horns.  The big thrill was having Anson and John join my band on stage to play one of Anson’s songs.  Pretty heady stuff for a rookie drummer who started late in life and has only been playing live for a year.  I’m not the most technically proficient, but I can keep it simple and give the other musicians a pocket to work in.   However, I did sneak in a few dramatic fills during Anson’s solo, and one or two tasty licks for the closing that I’d been practicing.  it wasn’t Neil Peart or Buddy Rich, but I has happy with it.

Third, I landed my second job on Voice123 yesterday!  I buckled down in the morning and worked in my studio for 4 hours, submitting seven auditions.  By 2:30 PM I received a message saying I’d been selected for one of them, with some changes requested in my read – a small step up, because it was a much shorter read for a bit more money.  This time it only took 45 minutes to submit my final work.  Yeah, I was definitely amped up.

You know, what “they say” really is true.  Have a goal in mind.  Force yourself to take the first step.  Make the necessary sacrifices (time, money, lessons, equipment, etc.).  Practice – practice – practice.  And remind yourself every day that you can do this.

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