links and credits

First off, all thanks and glory to God for blessing me with some small talent to use my voice with wisdom.

Thanks and much love to my wife Kathy, who has encouraged me every step of the way.

Here are just few of the people I’ve come in contact with in the voiceover industry who I’ve learned from, received inspiration from, and who’ve helped shape me into a voice artist.

Ester Steele, my USPS co-worker who introduced me to my VO instructor, Ron Allan of Big Voice Productions.

Ron Allan –  I am thankful and blessed I met such a man as Ron, and never regretted asking to become his student.     He is a walking encyclopedia of vocal technique, advertising, copywriting, and consumer psychology, and is happy to share his knowledge with anyone truly interested in learning.           Ron Allan’s website

Danny Betz, a former student of Ron Allan who is both a computer wizard and someone who understands voice actors, because he’s one himself.  Since I was starting from scratch when I built my studio, I ordered his “Pro Level” equipment package, which literally came with everything a professional needs to create broadcast-quality voiceovers.  Danny is the owner of Redemption Computers LLC.  His website is   You can email him at

KJ Schrock, Ron Allan’s colleague,  man of at least 83 animation voices, has also been a great influence.  KJ is a constant reminder of how to have fun in VO while still being a professional.                           KJ’s website

Beth Kesler, a successful voice artist skilled in accents, and a fellow member of the Central Ohio Voice Artist Meet-up group, chaired by Ron Allan.  Beth Kesler’s website

Mike Gerardi – Mike and I have something in common:  good looks,  a fascination with gorillas, and we both trained under Ron Allan.  Well, gorillas and Ron Allan, anyway.  You know that means he can’t be all bad – and he’s very, very good with a mighty, mighty voice!  Mike’s website

Rodney Saulsberry – a legend in the VO industry (“Jazz it up with Zatarain’s Rice!”), and someone I’ve been fortunate to meet in person.   I recommend Rodney’s books for anyone interested in becoming a voice artist or wanting to improve their speaking ability.        Rodney’s website          Rodney’s morning warm-up

Bob Souer –  “the second-nicest guy in voiceover”, as his website says.  An inspiration for those considering audio-books for voiceover work, and a wonderful man to speak with.             Bob’s website